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UGP 226 - Atheism and Evidence for Jesus - Daniel and Edith - Part 4 (Replay of UGP 180)

Daniel and Edith have hit a crisis in marriage and faith. Daniel can no longer ignore the evidence Edith has shared with him, and his experience as a lawyer has trained him to follow the evidence to the truth - wherever that leads.  The conclusion is undeniable - Mormonism cannot be true. While Edith knows Jesus is real, Daniel takes a deep dive into agnosticism and atheism, which really scares Edith.  But Daniel can't leave Jesus alone and so he reads widely on both sides, ultimately concluding Jesus was a real person and the Gospels are authentic accounts of his life.  But what will this mean for his faith? It's a roller coaster ride for them both and grace is never far away. 

Special message from Lynn Wilder


Do you feel shamed by your performance-based religion? Do you ever feel you’re unworthy and you’ll never measure up, that you’ll never do enough to please God or those instructing you?

We have good news - there is a grace that heals and frees from the burden and weight of performance-based religion. We share how that good news can bring hope and healing every week.

The Unveiling Grace Podcast is a place for stories, Scripture and practical, biblical teaching that will help your life and relationships flourish.

We’ll also have show notes for each episode with the links, references, and resources we mention in that episode.

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