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UGP 133 - Grace, Healing and Forgiveness After Sexual Abuse - Pua - Part 3

<<Some of the content of this episode relating to sexual abuse and suicide may be disturbing to some listeners and is intended for an adult-only audience.>>

Pua picks up where she left off in episode #132, talking openly about the sexual abuse that started as a young child and continued till she was 11 years old. Her mother's unwillingness to believe her, and her father's pressure to not bring charges against perpetrators who were part of the family and LDS leadership (her father was NOT one of her abusers) pushed her to the brink of suicide. God's love and grace brought supernatural healing and forgiveness. Pua now radiates a love and joy that to her once seemed completely out of reach, and today she ministers to others.

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Do you feel shamed by your performance-based religion? Do you ever feel you’re unworthy and you’ll never measure up, that you’ll never do enough to please God or those instructing you?

We have good news - there is a grace that heals and frees from the burden and weight of performance-based religion. We share how that good news can bring hope and healing every week.

The Unveiling Grace Podcast is a place for stories, Scripture and practical, biblical teaching that will help your life and relationships flourish.

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