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UGP 233 - LDS Priesthood Authority: Thank God I’m Not as Other Men Are – Michael Wilder – Part 4

After the Wilders’ third son Micah professed to be saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone to his LDS missionary peers—leaving out the required elements of an LDS testimony—he was sent home from his LDS mission 3 weeks early. His father Michael received a phone call from his stake president who told him his son had the spirit of the devil in him. Mike struggled to believe that was true. Before Micah left Utah for good and headed to Florida to manage a hotel, he challenged his father to read the Bible as a child with no preconceived notions. Michael said he would and when he got to the 18th chapter of Luke, something struck him. Was he the Pharisee or the tax collector (publican)?

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Do you feel shamed by your performance-based religion? Do you ever feel you’re unworthy and you’ll never measure up, that you’ll never do enough to please God or those instructing you?

We have good news - there is a grace that heals and frees from the burden and weight of performance-based religion. We share how that good news can bring hope and healing every week.

The Unveiling Grace Podcast is a place for stories, Scripture and practical, biblical teaching that will help your life and relationships flourish.

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