UGP 228 - You Can’t Fix Broken with Broken – Joel Groat - Final Episode - Part 1

In this final episode with UGP co-host of 4 years, Joel Groat leaves us with his almost 40 years of experience witnessing to individuals who are in performance-based religion, particularly the LDS faith. He encourages Christians not to let knowledge get in the way of developing relationships and continuing conversations with LDS that are motivated by love. For LDS, coming to Jesus can be a long process. Joel explains the two major changes in the LDS Church over his years of witnessing are 1) unlike the past, LDS now boldly declare they are Christians, too, and 2) LDS history and doctrine are more easily accessible to church members than in the past. We are challenged to witness with compassion and concern with what Joel calls a heart of peace and not a heart of war. The Institute for Religious Research website, the organization he directed for many years, continues with decades of good witnessing information.