UGP 232 - Experience Inside an LDS Temple and 30 Years of Obedience to LDS Laws and Ordinances – Michael Wilder – Part 3

Michael declares he was a “happy Mormon.” He goes into some detail about his first temple experience: the washing and anointing, the garment of the holy priesthood, and the endowment. Mike and Lynn worked as restricted ordinance workers in an LDS temple for 10 years. Michael became a high priest in the LDS church at age 36 spending perhaps 20 hours a week or more in church work. He fully believed the LDS Scripture Third Article of Faith that reads, “saved by the [LDS] Laws and Ordinances of the [LDS] Gospel.” He also believed the Eighth Article of Faith which indicates the Bible is not always “translated correctly.” Find the 13 LDS Articles of Faith in LDS Scripture (Pearl of Great Price) here: