UGP 234 - Two God-Encounters that Finally Broke the Pharisee – Michael Wilder – Part 5

Michael did begin to read the Bible but he was still attending the LDS Church, paying his (and wife Lynn’s) tithing, and fulfilling his LDS calling as chairperson of the Redeem the Dead Committee. In this position, he prepared LDS members to attend the temple, often took a group with him there, and attended the temple himself perhaps once a week. One question that had always haunted Michael was whether polygamy as taught in D&C 132 really was of God. So, one day alone in the Celestial room of the Timpanogos Temple, where he believed Satan could not enter or deceive him, he asked God whether polygamy was of Him. He describes an unexpected answer. A few days later, he had a second encounter with the Living God of the Bible and knew his time in the LDS Church would soon reach an end.