UGP 237 - Feeling Alive When Reading the Word of God - Alicia Wilder – Part 3

Alicia Wilder continues her story to faith in the Jesus of the Bible. She describes her “undercover reading of the Bible.” Why undercover? According to LDS scripture, the Bible is not always reliable according to the 8th Article of Faith; but she was fascinated. Staying only in the Bible, she felt alive, excited, as if truth was resonating to her soul—a stark contrast not lost on her in comparison to her past reading of the Book of Mormon where she felt nothing. Reading in the book of John, then Romans, she saw the weight of her sin nature and understood the answer to all sin was to surrender to Jesus so she could be covered by the cloak of Christ’s covering. She began to understand the Old Law fulfilled in Jesus and that believers were now under a New Covenant. She and Micah, on his LDS mission in Florida, shared what they were learning from reading God's Word in weekly emails.

After months of reading and beginning to understand the Bible, she finally realized the full import of Bible Scripture—it was clearly antithetical to LDS teachings. But Christ could cover her and accept her into his family.


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