UGP 239 - Death of a Parent Leaves Her Restless – Lillie Grotenhuis – Part 1

Lillie was raised Christian in Texas in a family whose lives were centered around softball. She tried to read the Bible but, after starting in Genesis, she never really got anywhere. Lillie’s Dad, her dearest friend and softball coach, passed away suddenly before Lillie’s freshman year. She was lost--couldn’t see past her heartache--and was angry with God. Could Lillie ease her grief and maybe please her deceased father by leading his softball team to a state championship in his name? After high school, Lillie pursued college at Disney to learn hospitality. She had sweet childhood memories there and felt Disney represented the kindness and joy she so desperately sought to feel in her life. In January of 2021, she moved to Florida looking to find a community where she felt comfortable and loved. Her best friend from high school was already living in Florida—in the same apartment building where the LDS missionaries gave neighborhood barbecues. And Lillie went.


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