UGP 242 - Baptism of Fire – Lillie Grotenhuis – Part 4

Although the LDS missionaries seemed to exemplify this love Lillie sought from God, she recognized that they were denying God by pursuing Him through salvation by their own works. After hearing Micah Wilder’s YouTube testimony (, she realized salvation comes by grace through faith in Christ alone, not through any special church, ordinance, or priesthood power. The moment this grace-message clicked, her heart was changed, her eyes opened, and she received the baptism of fire. Lillie read in Acts that the Holy Spirit came by an act of God; God did not require LDS priesthood. Discovering, miraculously, that she lived in the same town as the former LDS missionary whose now Christian testimony had helped point her to the Truth, Lillie connected with members of the Adam’s Road ministry. Lillie’s Christian mom returned home to Texas praising God. And, Lillie developed a heart to witness to LDS. She is now a valued member of the very ministry, Adam’s Road, that helped her see that salvation came by grace through faith in Christ and that Jesus was enough.


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