UGP 244 - Daniel’s Wife Transformed Overnight – Daniel Ortner – Part 2

After his LDS mission, Daniel attended Law School at BYU. He met an amazing wife, generational LDS; they were sealed in the Draper, Utah Temple and have 3 beautiful daughters. It was his wife who first began deconstructing her LDS faith when she read the 149-page Letter to My Wife. She grew up with a lot of shame associated with the LDS church from feeling she could never measure up, even though she was active and served a mission. An LDS friend shared with her what she had learned about Joseph Smith’s coercive and inappropriate polygamous relationships. When his wife began attending Christian churches and heard the gospel of grace, it freed her and transformed her overnight in a way that moved Daniel to attend with her. He came to love the simple gospel of grace from Romans 8 and the way Christians worshipped God.


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