UGP 253 - Helping an LDS Woman Transition to Biblical Faith; It Takes a Village – MacKenzie Jones – Part 2

MacKenzie encourages Christians: it’s ok not to have all the answers for LDS friends and missionaries. Simply tell them, that's a great question. I’ll research that and get back to you. This past year, MacKenzie has helped an LDS woman, Janet, in her transition from LDS faith to biblical understanding. She says at first Janet had an anxious emotional response after discovering how different LDS teachings were from biblical teachings. She needed just to be heard--to process what she was learning out loud--in a safe place with supportive friends. MacKenzie and another Christian woman began to have conversations frequently with Janet, daily at first, later weekly in Bible study. MacKenzie said Janet had, what she called, "Mormon reflexes," things she believed but did not always recognize came from her LDS upbringing and did not line up with the Bible. At first, they did not correct these. The two Christians friends allowed her to work through some tough emotions, including worrying about whether she would ever see her loved ones who had passed on again if she left her “eternal LDS family.” Initially, Janet struggled with fear and saw God from her upbringing as scary, mean, and punitive. Gradually she understood that the God of the Bible is the only God who reaches down to man. In other religions, humans must try to work their way up to God; this God's love is unconditional! Bible study has been a lifeline for Janet. She was shocked and thrilled to learn there were red-letter Bibles highlighting the words of Jesus Himself; she'd never seen one before. Janet recommends the book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible ( as a resource for transitioning LDS since it was powerful to help her know the Bible could be trusted. Janet gained positivity toward her newfound life in Christ and a calmness that eventually led to baptism as a biblical Christian. These friends continue in relationship and weekly Bible study, thrilled for the journey they have experienced together. It takes a village.


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