UGP 256 - Christianity is a KNOWLEDGE Tradition, It’s Reasonable – Ratio Christi CEO Corey Miller – Part 1

Proverbs 21.16 says those wander from logic/sound reason will rest in the assembly of the dead. Jesus declares Himself the Logos (Greek word for logic). Therefore, God is love but God is also logic, the fountainhead of rationality. Faith is reasonable. Today’s discussion with Corey Miller, former LDS now biblical Christian and CEO of the apologetics organization RatioChrist, emphasizes the fact that Christianity is a KNOWLEDGE Tradition. It was Christians who first launched the U.S. universities. However, since 1930, the universities have been largely ruled by nonbelievers in Jesus. “As goes the universities, so goes the culture. As goes the U.S. universities, so goes the world,” states Miller. So, Christians created their own universities: Biola, Moody, etc. For those under 40 today, there exist 23 liberals to each one conservative. Find Corey’s article on how to reclaim the universities for Christ here:


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