UGP 261 - Drawn by Romance - Anna's Story Part 1

Anna Banister was raised in a biblical Christian family but drawn away from her faith to Mormonism through a relationship with an LDS man and his family. The Latter-day Saints taught her that the more persecution she received for pursuing Mormonism, the more she could know that she was choosing the right path. Opposition from biblical Christians was a confirmation Mormonism was true.

Anna says she thought Mormonism was giving her control over her own salvation. She was searching, hoping that Mormonism would be true and she was excited about having a forever family. Most of her questions were answered by the LDS missionaries and she was told that the more that she believed the more would be revealed to her.

Podcast co-host Joel Groat reminds us that faith is having Jesus as the object of your faith. Faith may have you go beyond reason but will never have you go against reason.


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