UGP 264 - Serving an LDS Mission is Hard; Ordinance of the Second Anointing? – Dr. Matthew Eklund – Part 2

Matt discusses how isolating and difficult an LDS mission can be for a missionary who endures rejection many times a day. We encourage Christians to befriend missionaries and engage in respectful and critical conversation. He alludes to some odd happenings in his LDS mission before his time there (the same mission Mitt Romney served in) when several missionaries eventually followed a counselor to the French Mission president into the LeBaron polygamy group in Mexico. Find the story here: The Trial of the French Mission.

Several years after his LDS mission, Matt was serving as the Gospel Essentials teacher when one of his students brought up the temple ordinance called the second anointing. About that time, Tom Phillips left the LDS church and went public about having received this ordinance. Matt wondered why the peace and comfort that this ordinance surely brings was not offered to everyone LDS; why just a select few? He began to engage critical thinking and to read the Bible looking for answers.


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